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Flute Rental All-Inclusive Guide

Rent My Instrument was created to give Music Directors, parents, and music students a way to rent the most recommended band and orchestra instruments from the convenience of their home. We guarantee the quality of all our instruments and always provide renters with clean, ready-to-play name-brand instruments most recommended by Band Directors; names like Jupiter, BAC, and many more.. If at any point you have problems with your instrument, Rent My Instrument provides FREE repair services. This guarantees that you will always have a top-quality instrument in perfect playing condition.

For most students, a rented instrument is the way to go when starting out in band. Renting is more affordable than purchasing, and it comes with some perks that can make a big difference in the learning process for a new flutist. The following guide contains all the information you need to rent a flute.

Renting from Rent My Instrument gives students and their parents an affordable, flexible program that can grow and change with students as they explore learning an instrument. Rent My Instrument features:

Low Monthly Rental Payments Apply Towards Purchase

All of our flutes are set up on a month-to-month rent-to-own program. You have the convenience of being able to return the instrument at any time and end your contract with no further obligation. Throughout the rental period, you are building equity towards an intermediate or professional quality instrument.

Assurance Of A Clean Instrument In Perfect Playing Condition

When your flute needs a simple tune-up or an issue appears that requires fixing, you'll have easy access to those repair services through a network of stores and local affiliates. Flute repairs can be costly, but through Rent My Instrument, repairs and maintenance is covered.

Low Monthly Payments

Renting allows you to choose manageable monthly payments for a high quality beginner instrument and your payments accrue towards ownership. Rent My Instrument provides options for payment dates, payment amounts, and convenient auto-pay options.

Changing Instruments

Rental exchanges allow the player to change instruments at any time and free of charge. This is important because kids change their minds frequently, and being able to exchange the instrument will keep them interested in music longer, which is the main goal.

Clean & Ready to Play

Rent My Instrument instruments are clean and guaranteed to be in perfect playing condition to promote confidence and pride. Every instrument is thoroughly inspected prior to shipment by our professional service and repair technicians.

Repairs Included

All repairs are covered at no additional cost as part of the rental agreement Maintenance & Repair policies. Rent My Instrument will arrange for UPS pick-up and return. Replacement instruments will be shipped to customers whose repairs will take more than a week — you can even choose to keep the replacement or have the original returned following repairs.

Caring for your Flute

To get the most out of your rented flute, it's important to keep the instrument in good condition. Here are some helpful pointers.

Always Do:

  • Handle the flute with clean, dry hands.
  • When assembling the flute, hold it by the edges and not by the keys.
  • Clean the flute as soon as possible after it has been played. This will help to keep the pads in good condition.
  • Disassemble the flute and return it to its case when not in use.
  • Store the flute at room temperature.

Always Avoid:

  • Using the same cloth to clean the inside and outside of the flute. Instead, use a separate cloth for each.
  • Using metal polish on the flute. This can damage the finish. Instead, polish it gently with a soft, dry cloth.
  • Lubricating the flute. This should not be necessary; if the action isn't working smoothly, consider taking the flute for service.

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