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The saxophone is a member of the woodwind family.  Its sound is made by a small piece of wood called a reed, which vibrates to make the saxophone sound.  This instrument requires good finger dexterity and fine motor skills.  This instrument plays middle and low melodic sounds.   It is relatively easy to make a sound on the saxophone and students will find early success in playing this instrument.

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B.A.C. Student Tenor Saxophone - Like New

Rent NowOut of Stock
Rent for $75/month + $10 maintenance/month

Jupiter Student Tenor Saxophone - Like New

Rent for $85/month + $10 maintenance/month

Intermediate Level Program

Jupiter Artist 1100SG Tenor Saxophone - Used

Rent NowOut of Stock
Rent for $100/month + $12 maintenance/month

Jupiter 1100 Tenor Saxophone - Like New

Rent NowOut of Stock
Rent for $130/month + $12 maintenance/month

Professional Level Program

Eastman ETS650 Rue Saint-George Tenor Sax - New

Rent NowOut of Stock
Rent for $155/month + $12 maintenance/month

Eastman ETS652 52nd Street Tenor Sax - New

Rent for $175/month + $12 maintenance/month


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