About Us

Rent My Instrument was created to give Music Directors, parents, and music students a way to rent the most recommended band and orchestra instruments from the convenience their home. Rent My Instrument guarantees the quality of every instrument we rent and provides no-cost repairs on every item.

We guarantee the quality of all our instruments and always provide renters with clean, ready-to-play instruments. If at any point you have problems with your instrument, Rent My Instrument provides FREE repair services. This guarantees that you will always have a top-quality instrument in perfect playing condition.

When you set up a verified account with Rent My Instrument, we also provide FREE UPS shipping within one business day of your order.
If you have any questions about our brands, rental agreements, or repair services call us at 877-569-0240 for immediate service.

Why Rent My Instrument?

Convenient & Economical

Explore, find, rent, or schedule repairs online; no more store visits – we’re open all day, every day. You can also order the beginner method book and other materials required by your music program, all with FREE UPS shipping.

Guaranteed Quality

Rent My Instrument utilizes recognized instrument brands and models endorsed by most professional music educators. We will deliver a clean instrument guaranteed to be in perfect playing condition. Our instruments are made by highly reputable manufacturers with quality materials and craftsmanship to provide excellent tone, response, and durability.

World Class Service

The Rent My Instrument rental process is easy. You can order everything you will need to join your school instrumental music program and it’s all delivered FREE via UPS. Instruments are shipped within one business day upon verification of account information.

Reliable No-Cost Repairs

Our repair and maintenance agreement covers all accidental damage and provides complete replacement coverage for destroyed instruments. If your instrument requires repair we’ll arrange for UPS to pick it up from your home. If the repair requires more than a week, Rent My Instrument will ship an instrument of comparable value and quality to you and you will have the choice of retaining it in exchange or elect to have the original instrument returned to you once the repair is completed.

Renting vs. Buying

Renting from Rent My Instrument give students and their parents an affordable, flexible program that can grow and change with a students as they explore learning an instrument. Rent My Instrument features:

Low Monthly Rental Payments Apply Towards Purchase

Reserve The Right To Change Instruments If Needed

Assurance Of A Clean Instrument In Perfect Playing Condition

Pre-Paid Maintenance & Repairs Are Included

Guaranteed No Obligation Return Option

Instrument brands recommended by Band Directors

Low Monthly Payments

Renting allows you to choose manageable monthly payments for a high quality beginner instrument and your payments accrue towards ownership. Rent My Instrument provides options for payment dates, payment amounts, and convenient auto-pay options.

Changing Instruments

If you find it necessary to change to another instrument, Rent My Instrument will accommodate you, and up to 4 months rental principal credit from the first instrument may be applied.

Clean & Ready to Play

Rent My Instrument instruments are clean and guaranteed to be in perfect playing condition to promote confidence and pride. Every instrument is thoroughly inspected prior to shipment by our professional service and repair technicians.

Repairs Included

All repairs are covered at no additional cost as part of the rental agreement Maintenance & Repair policies. Rent My Instrument will arrange for UPS pick-up and return. Replacement instruments will be shipped to customers whose repairs will take more than a week — you can even choose to keep the replacement or have the original returned following repairs.

Recommended Brands

Rent My Instrument carries the brands most recommended by Band Directors; names like Jupiter, BAC, and many more.

Ready to play?